While staying in the heart of the city of Chania, we would suggest that you start your walk through the streets of the city and visit its main attractions.

Beginning with our suggestions, The City Lighthouse, who is of Egyptian origin and is even the greatest of Crete.

Also, do not miss to visit the Museum of Ancient and Traditional Naval Architecture where is located “the representation of the Minoan Ship”, in Neoria of the Venetian harbor.

The Mediterranean Architecture Center, also called Big Arsenali will impress you as it hosts – organizes seminars, lectures and international exhibitions to enhance local interest.

On the opposite side of the harbor there is Firkas, which is one of the most impressive Venetian fortresses of the time.   It was the main Venetian barracks of the city because it was built in a key position, protecting the entrance of the harbor. But just below is the Nautical Museum of the city where you can combine your visit.

Within the Old Harbour there are many cafe’s and restaurants for one to relax and enjoy the traditional cuizine of Chania. From the “Old Harbour” there are numerous mini-cruises, and excursions which start from here so that one can explore the rest of the Island.

Just a few kilometers east of the city “The Tombs of Venizelos” (a very important politician in modern Greek History). A small but impressive park has been created surrounding the tombs where one can truly enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city below.

“Stavros” is a beach resort situated just 15 kilometers north of the peninsula of Acrotiri of Chania Crete. What will amaze you is the small cone on the north eastern corner where the hills arise. The Sandy beach of “Stavros” is quite popular due to the fact that the film “Zorbas the Greek” was shot on location there.

“Elafonisi” is located on south western part of Chania. Its unique location is between the Island and peninsula (you will need to walk in the water) . Here the clear water is one of the kind.

Just 3 kilometers west of the city Centre lies the amazing sandy beaches of “Agion Apostolie”. The ideal place for all especially those with young children. It consists of sandy beaches and shallow clear water.

For those who seek crystal clear blue water with golden sandy beaches the prime location is “Falassarna” Situated 55 kilometers west of the city. This location is considered to be one of the top destinations of all of Crete. The trip is well worth it!

Lastly the “Samaria Gorge” is one of the biggest in Europe. It consists of wild and natural growth which covers the area throughout. This natural environment is what gives it its unique beauty. The 16 kilometer hike through the gorge begins at Omalos which is about 40 kilometers from the city of Chania and finishes on the south side of Crete. The route goes through cliffs and thick forests where clear crystal creeks of water will quench your thirst Not to be missed!!